The Adventures of Enzo and Friends was an instructional and interactive storybook series about a young boy who learned responsibility for his personal actions. Aimed at children ages 3 to 7, Enzo and Friends teached children social skills through storytelling and a series of fun, animated games. Available for iPhone and iPad.
Enzo was a young, curious boy that lived in the Amaxi jungle with his family. Enzo loved everything about monkeys, and even loved pretending to be one. Enzo was adventurous and enjoyed to go exploring in the jungle with his friends’: Garrett the Parrott, Sam the Toucan and Drumbbeat the Parakeet. Enzo loved to swing on the vines in the jungle and search for enchanted Nanaberries to bring home to his family.
KnackMaster was founded by Ricardo Leon and Megan Crowe to help parents encourage positive behavior in children. KnackMaster used the latest trends in child developmental educational techniques to develop a comprehensive and fun learning curriculum. Children learned Enzo's lessons and applied them into their everyday life.

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